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Gang of Four, Entertainment!

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Entertainment! is the debut album by English post-punk band Gang of Four. It was released in September 1979. Stylistically, it draws heavily on punk rock but also incorporates the influence of funk, dance music, reggae and dub. Its lyrics and artwork reflected the band's left-wing political concerns. The album became an influential release in the burgeoning post-punk movement.


Entertainment! has been recognized as a seminal post-punk album. It has also been described musically as dance-punk and art punk. The album’s lyrics were heavily influenced by Situationism, feminism, and the effect of alienation on personal life; a unifying notion is that the personal is political.


This is the latest pressing reissued by Matador Records. Remastered from the original analog tapes.



1. Ether

2. Natural's Not in It

3. Not Great Men

4. Damaged Goods

5. Return the Gift

6. Guns Before Butter

7. I Found That Essence Rare

8. Glass

9. Contract

10. At Home He's a Tourist

11. 5.45

12. Anthrax

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